Novelty Cakes Oran Park

Why Everyone Loves Novelty Cakes in Oran Park

Novelty Cakes Oran ParkGone are the traditional minimally decorated cakes of long ago. A new kind of cake has completely taken over Create Cakes in Australia. Novelty cakes Oran Park residents are turning to are fun and exciting. They come in a multitude of shapes and sizes too, so everyone can have one tailored exactly to their specifications. But that isn’t the only reason that they have become so popular.

Fantastic Details

New decorating methods for novelty cakes Oran Park residents order from Create Cakes make them look much more realistic. Usually, cakes are decorated with strictly frosting, but now fondant is a big favourite. Fondant is a soft, semi-gelatinous substance that has a texture similar to the clay that children use for art projects. It can be rolled out into thin sheets similar to a pie crust to cover a cake for a smooth surface. It is naturally white from the ingredients that are in it, but it can be dyed with food colouring to make it in any colour. And since it is so pliable, it can be shaped into a multitude of creative figurines, flowers, and objects, which are all completely edible.

Cakes of Any Size

Novelty cakes Oran Park residents ask for can be made in practically any size. A small cake that isn’t much bigger than a cupcake can be given to a friend, or an enormous cake that is as large as a table can be done for a wedding with a lot of people attending. That is because of the creative ways that other types of desserts and fondant are added in. For instance, to get a stronger structure in a large cake, Create Cakes might add in a firm layer of rice crispy treats, which is concealed with fondant.

Any Theme

This type of cake can be done in virtually any theme, which allows both Create Cakes and the customers to have more freedom in creative expression. The novelty cakes Oran Park residents order can be made to lookOran Park Novelty Cakes very delicate and romantic with lots of flowers for a wedding or dark and rough like concrete for an urban themed party.

Any Flavour

Novelty cakes Oran Park residents want in their favourite flavours are no problem with this type of baking. Delicate layers of a fruity filling can be combined with sprinkles of crisp walnuts or white chocolate curls over a bed of baked carrot cake. Or a citrus flavoured orange cake can be done with candied lemon peels on top of dollops of meringue. There are many more options that the traditional cakes, which are usually served in only chocolate or vanilla flavours.

Flexible Prices

Novelty cakes take more time to make than traditional cakes do, so they often cost a bit more. However, Create Cakes are willing to work in a specific price range for customers who might not be able to afford something extensively elaborate. But it is common practice for a down payment to be required before the cake is done, though.

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