Modern Wedding Cakes Glenfield

Modern Wedding Cakes Glenfield

Modern Wedding Cakes GlenfieldTraditional wedding cakes are so beautiful; their classical designs and shapes can be simply stunning. But you want something different, something edgy and unique that will bring a quality to your special day. Some truly original and exciting modern wedding cakes Glenfield designs include the use of the following elements:

Bold Styles

Shake things up by having geometric designs piped onto the cake. Fondant spikes, polka dots, bold and colourful marzipan flowers, and asymmetrical shapes will all give interest and appeal to your dessert. You can also use architectural elements in the creation of your modern wedding cakes Glenfield or even vertical ribbons and art deco designs. Layers of cupcakes can even form the main part of this special pastry. Form geometric shapes for each of the layers. You can balance them slightly off-centre or have satellite cakes expanding out from one main layer.


Soft pastels used to be the most acceptable and utilized colours for modern wedding cakes Glenfield. Today, anything goes. Black and white, red, dark purple, navy blue, hot pink, orange, or even multiple bright tones are becoming more popular options for those seeking their own special look. Choose what you love, not what is popular at the moment. This is your day and you should make every effort at instilling the personalities of the happy couple into the modern design.


White, yellow, and chocolate flavours used to be the most commonly used flavours with fillings of strawberry, raspberry, or just plain icing. Now cake designers are getting bolder with truly original flavours such as coffee, mocha, mango, or pineapple. Many may opt for several layers with multiple flavour choices for the many guests with varied tastes.

Choice of Topper

What can really make your creation stand out is your choice in cake toppers. An inverted brandy glass with a tiny bride and groom inside, a stiffly posed plastic couple, a cluster of fresh flowers, or a pair of doves are all very traditional and sweet, but there are so many options out there that can make your cake much more up-to-date. Silhouettes of the couple, a city of the area that they live in, a logo from the colleges that they graduated from, or even uniquely coloured and highly unusual fresh flowers such as spider mums or sunflowers can make an astonishing presentation.

Display Methods

If your modern wedding cakes Glenfield fall slightly short of being the modernistic pastry that you desire, Glenfield Wedding Cakesnever fear. Methods of displaying cakes can make a huge difference in the overall presentation. Utilize square mirrors, clear glass or stainless steel cubes, glass stands, plaster columns, and elegant backdrops to bring your creation to the level you desire.

As you can clearly see, it is possible to express yourself through modern wedding cakes Glenfield. Guests will be stunned by the intricate and original design as well as the rich, moist taste of the many layers. Be open-minded and extremely creative when it comes to this important piece of your reception. This modern wedding cakes Glenfield will be a special reminder and a symbol of the unique and adventurous life the two of you have before you.

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