Engagement Cakes Oran Park

Engagement Cakes Oran Park

Engagement Cakes Oran ParkAn engagement is a wonderful promise that deserves a celebration. Many people choose to have an engagement party to let family and friends know about their plans for marriage. Part of creating any special celebration comes from getting the details right. A final finish to the party is essential. This is why couples look for a great dessert to amuse and delight their guests. An engagement cakes Oran Park can be the centrepiece of the meal as the guests toast the bride and groom to be. When looking for engagement cakes Oran Park, couples will want to take many factors into account.

The Base of The Cake

Engagement cakes Oran Park will have a cake base. The kind of base depends on the couple’s tastes and the tastes of their guests. Create Cakes can offer lots of choices. Typically, such choices will include chocolate cake, vanilla cake, and a fruit choice such as strawberry or lemon cake. Many couples like to have engagement cakes Oran Park that are full of flavour. A couple may want to consider taking the season into account. So for a spring engagement party, a strawberry cake can be ideal while in the colder months perhaps a pumpkin cake or one with a deep, dark chocolate base may be more in line with the overall theme of the party and the expectations of their guests.

Frosting And Icing

Once the base of the cake has been chosen, any engaged couple will then have to make a choice about what kind of icing or frosting they want on top. Traditional choices include buttercream, ganache (chocolate and cream), fondant whipped cream and royal icing. Many couples love a cake that has an extra layer of oomph and pizzazz. Plain buttercream is a topping that is universally popular. It’s very light topping that holds its shape easily. For those who like something a bit jazzier, a cake covered in fondant can be a great choice. Fondant can be dyed any colour of the rainbow, allowing the bride to be to pick one that matches her dress or the colour scheme she has chosen.

Going Naked

One of the more modern trends in engagement cakes Oran Park is that of the naked cake or cake without Oran Park Engagement Cakesicing. A cake without icing can help show off a delicious fresh treat. Create Cakes will put powder sugar on the top of the cake to help give it some additional sweetness. A naked cake can serve help add a modern touch to any engagement party and surprise and delight all guests.

Choosing Engagement Cake Decorations

No matter what kind of cake any couple picks out, they will want to add at least some decoration to it. Many couples opt for flowers to add freshness and colour. Fresh, edible flowers are ideal for a spring or summer engagement party. A fall or winter party can benefit from the addition of edible flowers made from fondant. Fondant flowers can be painted to look just like real flowers. Another popular decoration are ribbons of all kinds. Fabric ribbons can match the attire of the engaged couple and be removed before serving the cake to the guests. Ribbons crafted from fondant can be placed around the cake to give it an extra air of elegance and add a truly festive touch.

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