Christening Cakes Leumeah

Christening Cakes Leumeah

The birth of a child is wonderful milestone. Parents, grandparents, friends and family members rapturously welcome a new baby into their circle. Once the baby is born, parents often opt for a religious ceremony such as a christening to formally celebrate the arrival of a new person in their lives. After a christening takes place, people often decide to have a huge party. As part of the party, they will have christening cakes Leumeah that add something special to the party. When deciding on christening cakes Leumeah, people will face all kinds of choices. They might decide to make one themselves if they know something about baking. Or, they might decide to visit a local cake artist and order a specially made cake from Create Cakes.

A Child Focused Cake

Christening Cakes LeumeahFor many people, the new baby is the centre of attention. So they may decide to have christening cakes Leumeah that include the child’s name and date of birth written on the cake in icing. A simple cake of this kind can be ideal for a small ceremony and party. Pink or blue icing to help remind people of the baby’s gender makes a nice touch and looks good in photographs.

A Religious Cake

Part of the ceremony is introducing the child to God and the entire religious congregation. Many parents who want Christening cakes Leumeah will invite the entire congregation to celebrate. They might hold a large party on the grounds of the church afterwards. In that case, a cake with a few religious objects on the top is highly appropriate. This may take the form of a cross on top or Christening cakes Leumeah that are in the shape of a bible and include some bible verses on top. Such a cake will help members of the congregation even if they are not part of the baby’s close family feel part of the ceremony.

The Angel Cake

Angels are major figures for many religious people. An angel cake is an ideal to celebrate this idea and the wonderful concept of a guardian angel for a baby. A cake artist can take a photograph of the baby and create a angel on top of a plain cake that has the same blue or brown eyes as the baby does. This is good way to incorporate a personal touch to a cake and yet still keep to a religious theme.

Healthier Alternatives

Many guests cannot always consume cakes with lots of sugar in them. In that case, a fruit based cake makes Leumeah Christening Cakesa much better option. Using a carrot cake that is topped with lots of fresh fruit helps everyone enjoy the cake. Older babies and older toddlers can also easily digest such items, allowing them to fully participate in the total enjoyment of the entire party. Serve with other fresh fruit for a really healthy end to any Christening celebration.

Working With Flowers

Flowers are a celebration of the promise of new life just like a new baby. Top a Christening cake with lots of fresh or gum paste flowers for a lovely cake that reminds people of the freshness of new life and new beginnings. When placed on top of a plain white cake, the effect can be stunning, allowing guests to feel happy at the end of the ceremony.

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